(Download) – Complete Linux Bootcamp for Beginners

Learn Linux Shell Programming with Bash, GREP and SED for Beginners

What you’ll learn

  • Get Acquainted with Terminal very Well
  • Learn Using Scripts to Automate Tasks
  • Proper Understand of Regex with Grep and Sed


  • Any Linux Based Operating System
  • Knowledge of any Command Line is Helpful, but Not Necessary


This course is teaches the fundamentals of linux shell using the terminal, some insight on bash shell and we will investigate various aspects of the shell, for example scripting, using utilities like grep and sed, C and Perl programming in linux, controll flow as well as the file structure. You will also find out how to navigate the directory structure, reveal the contents of directories, the best way to understand and work with file permissions, how to replicate, move, and remove directories and files. We’ll also cover regular expression syntax in the context of learning grep, then use what we have learned as we work.
The course is in six units, and contains over four hours of demos and discussion.
Some of the topics are as below :
  • Everything about directories
  • Understanding and working with file permissions
  • Copying, moving, and removing files.
  • Using redirection and piping.
  • Make executable scripts
  • Variables and how to use them
  • The if statement and demos
  • Handling command line arguments
  • Loops (while, until, and for)
  • The case statement
  • Understand Grep
  • Regular expression syntax
  • Various validations
  • What is sed
  • Various Sed Usage Examples
I hope you join me as we explore linux together.

Who this course is for:

  • Any Fresher Who Wants to Learn Basic Linux Shell Commands
  • Expert who Needs to Brush up Basic Linux Shell Skills

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