(Download) – Python for Programmers

Learn the core of Python quickly with this course tailored to programmers

What you’ll learn

  • Create complex Python scripts and programs
  • Write code confidently Python 3 code


  • You should have some experience with programming (doesn’t have to be python)


Python for Programmers is the course to help you get up to speed on Python quickly. If you’ve always wanted to check out Python this is your chance.
This course uses in-browser programming exercises to make sure you are learning as you progress through the course. After each lecture, you are presented with an exercised designed to help test your knowledge.
This course can be completed in a weekend if pursued aggressively or could be a two week course if one section is completed every day.
Don’t waste time trying to figure out confusing documentation, take python for programmers and start learning now.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for someone with some programing skill in a language other than Python
  • If you have never programmed in any language before, this course might not be for you

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