(Download) – Ethereum Blockchain Mastery: 6-In-1 Developer Bundle

Learn Blockchain Development By Building 6 Projects Using Solidity, Remix, Ganache, Geth, Metamask, Truffle & More!

What you’ll learn

  • Make REAL distributed applications using cutting-edge Ethereum Frameworks
  • Design, Unit-Test, Deploy and Debug Smart Contracts
  • Understand the different layers of an Ethereum Node and how web applications interact with the Blockchain
  • Continue to learn and grow as a developer even long after the course ends
  • Learn how to use Truffle, Geth, Web3js, Solidity, Remix, MetaMask in-depth and hands-on
  • Understand how distributed Apps (dApps) work from high-level down to the bytecode


  • A PC, Mac or Linux Computer
  • Basic understanding of how the computer works


As we speak, there’s a revolution happening in the realms of technology that will fundamentally change the world as we know it – and most people don’t even realise it.
You’ve probably heard the terms thrown around:
Blockchain. Ethereum. Solidity. Cryptocurrency.
Maybe you’ve even heard a few stories about people commanding salaries of up to $140,000 US dollars per year.
Indeed, as we speak, millions of people all over the world are joining in on this revolution, as it moves from a geeky niche to a mainstream tour-de-force.
But What Does It All Mean…
How does it actually work? Is it secure? What platforms do you develop with? How do you use it? What languages do I need to learn? And above all, how do you become proficient on the topic of blockchain development cutting through all the jargon?
It can all seem so incredibly overwhelming – especially if you’re just getting started in this ecosystem.
In this all new six in one ethereum blockchain developer mastery bundle, We’ll Teach You Everything You Need To Know And Then Some In Record Time, so that you can get involved and begin your ethereum blockchain development journey, free of risk, from the comfort of your home.
In all truth, the sooner you get involved, the better!
Best of all, the course will be taught by two highly qualified instructors.
Keep the fact in mind, that every day more companies are looking for those proficient in ethereum and other blockchain technologies, meaning Blockchain Professionals Can Demand Salaries Of Up To $140,000 US Dollars Per Year.
The best time to get involved in blockchain isn’t now – it was yesterday.
The second best time to get involved is today.
So don’t delay. Enroll Today And Learn How You, Too, Can Join The Revolution!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build smart contracts and dapps with the latest in Etheruem Blockchain technology

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