[Download] Graphic Design – An Overview of the Field

[Download] Graphic Design - An Overview of the Field


A survey course that explore nine graphic design specialties

What you’ll learn

  • Learn that good design is often concept driven
  • Understand why some design mediums need to communicate more quickly than others
  • Learn the thinking behind great graphic design and get a birds eye view of the entire field


  • None
  • Students should be interested in deepening their knowledge about what graphic design is. You should already be able to recognize good design when you see it, but now you want to know WHY it’s good.


This is a survey course, I do not go into specifics about HOW the work is created, rather we’ll explore WHY the work is good, the thinking that went into it, and any other anecdotes I may have about each field.
I cover nine graphic design specialties. They are: logos, packaging, posters, book covers, motion graphics, websites, annual reports, environmental graphics, and editorial design.

Who this course is for:

  • People considering a career in design
  • People wanting to learn design on the side
  • People who already know the tools of design like Photoshop, but lack design skills
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